Ring of Truth

words Bailey Grant

photography Isaac Bailey

Gilbert resident Tyler Wright is innovating the jewelry industry with his secret weapon: carbon fiber. Wright, the owner of Carbon Fi, became acquainted with carbon fiber while making panels for auto sound systems.

During this time, he wore a cheap tungsten wedding ring he was less than thrilled with; “yeah, it sucked,” he says with a laugh. “I bought my wife a very nice wedding ring for several thousand dollars and felt like I got the shaft,” he recalls.

One day, while working with carbon fiber car parts, he hit one with his ring, and the ring cracked. “But the cool part is,” he says, “my tungsten ring had a carbon fiber inlay, and that part didn’t crack. It held the ring together. It was a ‘light bulb moment,’ and I thought, ‘I wonder if I can make my own.’” Wright has been pursuing this venture ever since, and just last May, he quit his day job to grow Carbon Fi full-time.

The appeal of Carbon Fi’s rings is evident; they boast durability, a comfortable fit, and loads of style. Carbon fiber is “the stuff used in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and space ships,” Wright says, “and don’t you want to wear a Lamborghini on your finger?” Valid question. But first, consider this: this tough material is also extremely lightweight. Wright says their rings “weigh less than an envelope, and you don’t even know you’re wearing one.” As for style, the rings are as beautiful as they are strong. Carbon Fi offers styles such as their signature glow rings and cabon fiber rings lined with gold and other precious metals.

Carbon Fi attracts most of their customers on Instagram (@carbonfi), and about 30% of their orders ship to countries outside the United States. When asked, “What’s next?” Wright says he’s working on expanding his market by introducing a lower price point, and he sees accessories and even furniture in the company’s future. Carbon Fi is certainly one to check out.



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