Pinners Conference

words by Ashley Yazzie-Ward

photography Isaac Bailey

With 70 million Americans pinning on Pinterest each month, there’s something to be said about the gratifying act of pinning. Why do we pin? For myself, it’s been an ideal resource for chronicling inspiration, tutorials, recipes, and articles in each facet of my life. I remember ten years ago when I would click and save photos, placing the relics in innocuous folders on my hard drive, never to be seen again. When Pinterest showed up on the scene, it felt like the motherland calling me home. I have boards for interior design, health and nutrition, my dream wardrobe, how to start a business, and perhaps the most vital of all-my Morrissey fan girl pins. Like millions of other men and women, I reference Pinterest frequently as a living vision board and virtual Trapper Keeper.

October 6-7, 2017 the Pinner’s Conference will be showing at Scottsdale’s West World. The conference was conceptualized by Roxanne Bennet and her husband, Kendall. The event reaches three other states including; Georgia, Texas, and Utah. I asked Roxanne how she bridged her degree in teaching to conceptualizing the Pinners Conference. She deftly replied, “Kendall and I both graduated from college with our education degrees. …Sometimes in life, you switch directions and head down another path. We love new projects and ideas…which is what Pinners is all about. In 2000, we started a magazine in Utah with Kendall’s brother and sister-in-law. It was a blast. We made tons of great connections, and in the process of running the magazine, we started attending events. We realized there was a huge opportunity for great events that would bring people of similar interests together. One day at lunch we were brainstorming, and Kendall came up with the idea of “Pinterest coming to life” during a combined shopping expo and educational conference.” The fantastic idea turned reality; this brainchild has gathered some serious momentum serving communities with demonstrations, classes, crafts, cooking, and beyond. The Pinners Conference has general admission tickets as low as $8.00. This year’s estimated attendance is slated between 12,000-14,000 eager patrons.

As a fellow Pinner, creative, wife, and mother I was curious about Roxanne’s core business values. I found a quote of hers stating, “Our whole theme for Pinners Conference is to learn, create, connect; and I love that concept of always getting an education.” I asked Mrs. Bennet, “Why are ongoing education, creativity, and connection important to you? And why do you think it’s important for women?” To which she replied, “I sometimes think women feel it’s too late for them to get an education or too late to try something new. The reality is we all have talents and skills we don’t even know we have. All we have to do is try. Pinners is an open environment where you can try anything you may be interested in, with experts there to teach and help along the way. You might find your passion and be teaching a class at Pinners yourself one day.” I can relate with the desire and need to constantly educate myself. Tools like Pinterest and the Pinners Conference are brilliant opportunities to empower those that are actively seeking knowledge, reinvention, and self-improvement. Here’s to the future of pinning and ameliorating our lives with new found skills and discernment.

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