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  • Bright white kitchen with blue island

Designer Jaimee Rose and homeowners Adam and Krista Hizme teamed up to create a masterpiece of livability in Arcadia. It’s a home that feels like the family that lives there; happy, warm, close-knit and comfortable. In the middle of the kitchen, there is a striking blue island reminding visitors that the occupants are young and vibrant, but the rest of the home is graceful, subdued and especially, classic.

Great sweeping pocket doors move aside inviting friends and family to go from the front patio to the pool and back in an easy transit of the family space, making this home eminently welcoming. Adam and Krista love to entertain. Enjoying friends and family was a big part of their concept for their home. “Everybody wants to be outside by the front yard fireplace. It’s an amazing place to entertain,” Adam told GATHr. A half-sized set of French doors (one of designer Jaimee Rose’s innovations) allows a convenient pass-through from the kitchen to the pool area for serving food and drinks. It’s easy to see how guests enjoy moving from one living area to the next, creating a flow that energizes and enlivens the party.

A great collaboration often results in a long-term friendship. Adam and Krista trusted Jaimee’s vision for the design of their home and that trust paid off in a space that truly reflects their personality and taste.

Now they look forward to more collaborations with Ms. Rose in the future as the Hizme’s continue to grow their real estate development business.

Classicism is most important to Designer Jaimee. “I want my projects to age like Helen Mirren. I want my clients to still love their tile (and me, for selecting that tile) in 10 years.” Classic is definitely not boring, though. There are plenty of details like lighting, or furnishings, which make the home distinct and unique. Desire is the feeling Jaimee strives to evoke. “I hope people walk into a space I’ve designed and think, “Oh, I want this.” It’s a powerful emotion, and for that coveted moment to happen,  you’ve got to nail every detail.”

We agree that Jaimee Rose and the Hizme’s nailed every detail with this Beachy Breezy Charmer. To get the look seen here in your own home, Jaimee told GATHr, “I am a big believer in white paint, window and door casings, and upgraded lighting fixtures. Those are details that change a room. Also, take your kitchen backsplash up to the ceiling. It’s a relatively inexpensive option, especially if you use subway tile, and such a “Wow!”


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