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Our Team

Celestial Williams

Editor -in- Chief

Celestial began her journey in the mid-1990’s as a model in Los Angeles, California. She continues to be a luminary in the beauty and fashion industry with over 20 years experience. Her keen eye for detail, desire for knowledge, and positive attitude landed her successive key industry positions. Some of these executive positions include Beauty Editor for Pristeen Magazine, Editor-in-Chief for Luca Magazine, and currently Editor-in-Chief for GATHr Magazine.


Celestial has a versatile background in television, film, national publications, fashion show and event production, and is currently signed with FORD/RBA. She tirelessly and enthusiastically helps others discover their individual potential. She is a sought-after motivational speaker, serves on the Advisory Board for Anasazi Foundation, and is an active Group Leader for women and teens with eating disorders.

Ken Starks

Publisher and CEO

Ken began his creative career in the late 80s in the music industry in LA, producing large scale concerts and events.   Continuing his career working for the then largest Tradeshow producer and business publisher, Ken produced some of the most popular tradeshow in the country.  After the events of 9/11 changed the face of the event business – Ken turned his focus to local communities by becoming a mortgage lender.   

Over the last 15 years of his career, Ken has been recognized both nationally and locally for his entrepreneurial acumen.  As a coach, Ken has helped numerous entrepreneurs, business owners and others, strategize and grow their businesses.  With a broad array of skills, network and experience,  Ken provides both the sales and strategic direction, as well as the vision for the magazine, groups and events.

Isaac Bailey

Creative Director

With 30 years as a photographer, a glance at Isaac’s portfolio will show you that he is a master of visual communication. Expanding his creative repertoire into interactive and print design, Isaac’s skills are truly multidimensional. Leading several small businesses over the years, Isaac has helped to bring their brands to international notice with consistently excellent brand messaging.

As a partner, photographer and designer, Isaac was essential to bringing the Heather Bailey Brand to the pinnacle of the fabric and surface design industry–with licensing contracts including fabrics, stationery, home goods, and day planners for Target and Mead. Isaac also engineered the photography for the complete PETsMART store reset including hundreds of shelf talkers and aisle blades for almost every product in the store. Prior to GATHr Isaac photographed for, designed, and helped launch Luca Magazine, a national Teen Lifestyle and Fashion publication. His taste and style give GATHr magazine it’s signature look.