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Our mission is bringing communities together by providing one of the most beautiful & relevant local magazines ever with:

  • Inspiring stories of entrepreneurs — their challenges and triumphs!
  • Reviews of amazing local new restaurants and stores
  • Free, local fitness ideas for activities in your local area
  • Beautiful homes and design ideas that inspire
  • Features on interesting local charities and ways to become involved
  • Ways to improve your personal and business life

Have you ever been chatting with a friend who asked “Hey have you been to that great new restaurant” or “Do you have a great CPA” and then realized that you didn’t know the answer to either question?  We help to change that.

GATHr features stories on the greatest local restaurants, inspiring local entrepreneurs, amazing design ideas, and so much more–all brought to you by people in your neighborhood.   GATHr is the place to learn about your community, a place to be inspired by the beautiful things all around you, and most importantly a great way to stay connected to the world around you!

GATHr was born at the intersection of BORING and UGLY when a handful of creative people realized that simple beauty and hyper-local, useful information would create a better way for advertisers to interact with their clients and potential clients!

As both advertisers and consumers ourselves, we wanted to create local magazines featuring interesting and fun events that would make each community significantly more aware and involved with the businesses that make their neighborhoods thrive.   We know that there are interesting people and businesses all around — but they never seem to get the limelight they deserve.

Fitness Professionals, Entrepreneurs, DIY folks, Chef’s,  and a host of others — they all need to be spotlighted!!  And so we’ve created a robust 12 column magazine with interesting and valuable advertisers that is delivered to mailboxes throughout very specific local communities.   Enhance that exposure by events that will mingle the community with the local business who participate, and you see the vision of GATHr: Bringing Communities Together!

So take a minute.  Sit down and relax.   And read the pages of GATHr that come to you mailbox every month — and see if we can’t brighten your day…just a little!  ; )