Baby Crib to Porch Swing

words and photography Kelli Mullins and Kristi Jansen


elli Mullins and Kristi Jansen are crazy, fun twin sisters. Their eclectic blog features home decor, crafts, furniture revamps, awesome project roundups, tasty recipes, and more.

I decided to cherish our sweet crib and repurpose it into a functioning porch swing. Here’s to many more memories with my growing babies!


  1. Sand: We aren’t huge on sanding, but quickly went over the piece with our well-loved mouse sander using 120 grit.
  2. Blow off/Wipe Down: I hate prep work, so I prefer to blow it off before painting versus wiping it all down with a lint free cloth.
  3. Paint: We used Americana Decor Outdoor Living in Picket Fence white. A huge perk is the sealing power inside the paint. No need to seal it afterward. Time saver!
  4. I pulled off this brown piece of plastic that said PUSH, sprayed it black and screwed it onto the bottom of the swing for a little extra memory of my baby days.
  5. Lightly distress paint when fully dried.
  6. Attach chain, and hang it up!

I love how the undertone of the wood came out in the distressing process. I never loved the natural wood color when I first bought the crib, but now appreciate seeing a glimpse of it.

Here she is all dolled up!


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